Mark Belvedere, President of the Kalia Foundation, has designed and patented two features essential for high-speed sailing. One is the flexible wing sail (trade named the camber inducer). Windsurfers using the camber inducer have consistently set world speed records since it was invented in 1984. The second is an innovative proa design which allows the sailor to adjust the vertical position of the mast to induce lifting forces by canting the mast to windward and to adjust both the fore and aft position of the hulls to control those lifting forces.

The proa’s capabilities were tested at Pyramid Lake in Nevada. – Click on an icon below to view a demonstration video of this test.

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Following the initial testing period, offset and control designs were modified for increased single handed efficiency. Continued testing, and improvement leading to a world speed record attempt, will take place near the island of Uiha in the Haapai Group in Tonga.

At the following link patent information, you will find the patent information on the flexible wing rib sail.

To find out more regarding the proa hull design patent click on the link.

As of Tuesday August 24th, that’s Monday in the US, all systems are go for the world speed trial campaign. Mark Belvedere and Stephen Mann have splashed the Proa and had an afternoon of sailing. She performed well in 12 knots of wind off the coast of Uiha in the Ha’apai group in Tonga.

The base of operations for the speed trial is the Esi-a-maafu Homestay in the village of Filamea on Uiha. This is the home of Kailoni and her family. Crew can be reached here at 676 11809. Richard Ellison from the WSSR in Weymouth in England is scheduled to arrive on September 2nd. Trials will begin on the 3rd and run through the 6th of September.

Winds have been rather light and variable. Hoping for consistent trade winds from the southeast to accomodate the 500 meter course. A carving of wind God Tongaloa Tu Tu has been installed on the shore for this purpose.

More information on the speedtrials will be posted as it becomes available.

We are accepting contributions of your time and talent. For further information, please contact:

Mark Belvedere
Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga
Phone +676 8793437

Carl Hosticka
Tualatin Oregon