The Millenium Kalia was first launched in August 2000

Special varieties of wood have been brought from Fiji for the repair work being done to the hulls.

The Mileniume Kalia is the only example of a proa of this size in the entire world.

On February 2004, the Kalia was housed in a protected enclosure.

When Captain Cook arrived in Polynesia there were hundreds of proas the size and capacity of the Mileniume Kalia.

The objective of the Kalia Restoration Project is to return the vessel to seaworthiness and make it available for study, training and special occasions throughout Polynesia.

We are accepting contributions of your time and talent. For further information, please contact:

Mark Belvedere
Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga
Phone +676 8793437

Carl Hosticka
Tualatin Oregon